Renfro Valley Ghost Walk 2011

Are you ready to explore the unknown at Renfro Valley? Find out what everyone has been whispering about and help us find the spirits that roam the historic buildings at the world famous Renfro Valley Entertainment Center.

It seems that the history, music and entertainment has attracted more than the usual crowd to our little valley. As the years have passed numerous employees and guests have reported seeing strange things that have no logical explanation. As more and more witnesses came forward with reports of seeing spirits or ghosts throughout the Renfro Valley property we decided to investigate further, and last year we held our first annual Ghost Walk. This year the Renfro Valley Ghost Walk is back for its second year and you get the chance to see and hear for yourself what everyone has been whispering about.

Do not be confused. This is not one of the many "spook houses" that pop up every year around Halloween. The Ghost Walk consists of a guided tour throughout the Renfro Valley grounds investigating some of the most active areas for strange sightings and sounds in the valley.

Join us October 21st and 22nd as well as the 28th and 29th for the chance to witness for yourself who or what is still roaming the grounds of the historic Old Barn theater, the New Barn theater, Heritage Hall, The Village and more. Along the tour you'll hear first hand accounts of mysterious activity at Renfro Valley from legendary entertainer Pete Stamper as he tells you what he and others have witnessed over the years.

If you have any ghost hunting equipment, cameras, voice recorders or any other device to document the evening feel free to bring them along to capture what happens.

In the past 2 months we've had multiple reports of sightings from guests and staff in broad daylight, so we can only imagine what goes on when darkness falls on the valley, that is until October 21st. Get your tickets now! Anyone who purchases a ticket at least one day ahead of time will be entered in a drawing to win 2 free tickets to our award winning Christmas in the Valley show.

Tickets are only $10 a person and are available at the Renfro Valley Ticket Office right now. Call 1-800-765-7464 or stop by today!